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Reasons Your AC Isn’t Turning On

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Here’s a situation you never wish to encounter: It’s a hot summer day in Northern California, and when you go to the thermostat to turn on your air conditioner… nothing happens. No fan noise, no air from the vents, nothing. You fiddle with the thermostat for a few minutes, but the air conditioner simply will not turn on to give you vital cool air.

When this occurs, your best recourse isn’t to go to the AC cabinet and open it up to find out what’s wrong. You should instead pick up the phone and call Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air. We offer fast and effective air conditioning repair in Roseville, CA and the greater Sacramento area. You can count on our skill and experience to restore your cooling system to running condition once more.

What is wrong with my AC?

Many different things may have gone wrong with your central air conditioning system that will cause it to refuse to turn on. This is why it’s crucial to have skilled HVAC technicians investigate the problem: they will narrow down the possible causes and make sure the system receives the correct repair work.

One common reason for an AC to fail to turn on is a malfunction in the thermostat. If the thermostat loses its connection to the cooling system, the air conditioner will not know when it turn on and won’t respond to any programming. Thankfully, this is an easy issue for technicians to repair.

The air conditioner may have a broken blower fan motor. In this case, the compressor may still run (go outside and check if the outdoor unit is making noise), but no air will move across the evaporator coils and get sent into the ventilation system. Usually, repair technicians will need to replace the motors.

Other electrical faults may be at the heart of the problem. If the air conditioner trips circuit breakers instead of coming on, repair experts will have to see if there is a voltage mismatch in the system. Loose electrical connections may also be at fault.

There is also the possibility that the AC has reached the end of its lifespan and needs a replacement. HVAC professionals will be able to give you an honest answer about whether an aging air conditioner will still benefit from repairs or if the time has arrived when it needs to be retired.

Whatever type of air conditioning repair in Roseville, CA you require, place your trust in Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air to have the job done fast and right the first time. Give us a call today.

Is Your Air Conditioning System Ready for the Summer?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

The days are growing longer, and before we know it another hot California summer will arrive. Your air conditioning system will get another extensive workout during the summer, and will probably run during most days of July and August. You need to ask yourself now, during the cooler beginning of spring, if your home’s AC is prepared for the stresses of another summer. Even an air conditioner that is only a few years into its service life might run into problems during hot weather if it doesn’t receive the proper preparation.

Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air is here to help provide you with quality air conditioning services in Davis, CA and prepare your home for any heat the summer might throw at it. We have an experienced team of residential cooling specialists who can provide whatever service you may require to enjoy the summer to the fullest with a working air conditioner.

What you can do to prepare an AC for the summer

An easy step you can take to see that your air conditioner will work well when it needs to come on is to change or clean the air filter. If the air filter is clogged up with dust, lint, and other debris, it will force the AC strain harder to do its job, and it may even lead to contamination entering the cabinet and causing damage. It’s a simple job to either replace the filter or clean it if the AC uses a permanent filter.

You should also turn on the air conditioning during a day when you don’t need it and check for any malfunctions. Pay close attention to any strange sounds the system may make, which are often an early warning that something is wrong with the AC. Check on airflow from the vents, make sure that cooling is being distributed evenly through the rooms, and take note of any odd smells coming from the vents. If anything seems amiss, call for repair technicians.

Finally, the most important step to take is to schedule a preventive maintenance visit from an HVAC professional. Annual maintenance is key to making sure that your AC doesn’t have impending repair issues and that it isn’t suffering from too much wear and tear. Approximately 85% of repairs that air conditioners may need could be avoided with regular maintenance. You will also reduce the chance of the system experiencing a sudden breakdown on one of the hottest days of the year.

To get started with preparing for the season of air conditioning in Davis, CA, give Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air a call and sign up for our Energy Savings Agreement. This agreement provides the annual maintenance necessary for your AC to work its best, and includes annual heating maintenance as well. You can also depend on us for air conditioning repairs whenever you need them.

Why Your Sewer Line May Sustain Damage

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

Because the sewer line that connects your home’s drains with the municipal sewer system runs under the ground and out of your sight, it is very easy to take for granted that it will always continue to serve its important function. Sewer lines are constructed for durability, and most should last for many decades without encountering troubles.

However, a sewer line can become damaged and require either repairs or, in some cases, a full replacement. If you have doubts about the integrity of your home’s sewer line, call Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air and our experienced plumbers will inspect the pipeline and see if it needs additional work. We offer services for pipeline inspection in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas, as well as sewer repair and replacement.

How sewer lines can become damaged

  • Root infiltration: One of the most common ways that the sewer line can sustain damage is the growth of trees roots that will put pressure on the pipe and infiltrate through the joints. Tree roots are naturally drawn toward the water and nutrients inside sewer pipes, and if trees are planted too near to the sewer line, it can end up causing damage or blockage.
  • Corrosion due to age: If you live in an older home built pre-1970, you may have a sewer line made from galvanized steel. (If your home was built pre-World War II, you almost certainly have a steel sewer line.) Although steel is durable and tough, it is also prone to corrosion, something that is not an issue with the copper used to make sewer pipes today. It’s a wise idea to have an old steel pipe replaced before it begins to corrode and develop large leaks and gaps.
  • Earthquakes: Natural disasters often inflict damage on long lengths of pipes, and in Southern California our main concern is earthquakes. You should contact professionals for pipeline inspection after a large earthquake to make sure that the sewer line hasn’t suffered from breaks.

Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air has served the greater Sacramento, CA with pipeline inspection work for more than 8 years. Our team of plumbers is experienced with a wide range of repair work for sewer lines, as well as thorough sewer line cleaning using hydro-jetting. If you have any concerns about the condition of your sewer line, give us a call today.

Ductless Heating: How Does It Work?

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Some older homes do not have space in them for ductwork installation. Newer homes are often designed without ductwork in order to free up space and allow for greater design options. In these situations, the homes can still receive central heating from a forced-air heater using a ductless mini split heat pump. These ductless heating systems are effective and energy efficient, and professionals can install them in a short time for any home that might benefit from them.

If you think ductless heating is an excellent option for your home, call Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air today. We offer many choices for cooling and heating in Elk Grove, CA, and provide quality installation services.

How ductless heating operates

Ductless heating systems are types of heat pumps, which means they will also provide cooling during the summer. But unlike the standard heat pump that has an indoor unit connected to a network of ducts, a ductless system uses multiple smaller indoor blower units that are placed in different rooms of the house. These air handler units are usually mounted high on the wall, and each one contains a fan and a refrigerant coil. The units have power and refrigerant lines that go through holes in the walls behind them and connect to the single outdoor unit.

When the heat pump is set in heating mode, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the air and moves it to the coils in the indoor air handlers, where the heat is released and the fans blow the warmed air directly into the rooms, without needing to use any ducts.

Aside from their space-saving properties, ductless heating systems have some other advantages. They offer zone control, since each air handler can be manipulated separately from the other. They help with indoor air quality because they do not pick up dust and dirt from inside ductwork. And they work with high energy efficiency because they will not lose heat through the walls of ducts.

Ductless mini split heat pumps are not suitable for all homes. Houses that already have a ventilation network of ducts will probably be better served with a standard heat pump. But if you are remodeling, planning an add-on room, building a new home, or simply don’t have any space in your current home for ductwork, you should give ductless heating and cooling serious consideration for your next installment.

To have all your questions regarding ductless mini splits answered, give Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air a call, and let us take care of your heating in Elk Grove, CA.