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2 Alternatives to Traditional Air Conditioning

Monday, April 27th, 2015

When most people think of air conditioning systems, they usually envision a centralized system: a single unit producing cool air which is then distributed throughout your home via a series of ducts. It benefits from a single main unit and relatively straightforward operating procedure, but it’s not the only AC system out there. Nor is it the only system you should consider for your home. In Sacramento, CA, our summers can be quite brutal. Here are 2 alternatives to traditional air conditioning that you may want to think about now, before the summer starts in earnest. (more…)

What Happens During Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

We haven’t hit the hot temps of summer yet, but they are on their way, and one of the best ways to ensure that you air conditioner is ready to work is to schedule annual AC maintenance. There can be some misconceptions regarding air conditioning maintenance, mostly in regard to what actually happens during this service, so the technicians at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air wanted to provide you with an overview demonstrating just how in-depth a maintenance appointment really is. (more…)

Hybrid Water Heaters: The Best of Both Worlds

Monday, April 13th, 2015

The tank vs. tankless decision involving water heaters can be a tough one for homeowners to decide upon. The two units operate very differently, and there may be some aspects of each type that you like or don’t like. If you need a new water heater and have been on the fence about choosing between a tank or tankless hot water heater, we may have the perfect solution for you: a hybrid water heater. Hybrid water heaters combine the best of both systems, offering you a great compromise between the two units. And when you hire the experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air for installation, repair, maintenance or replacement, you can rest assured that your hybrid system will be well attended to. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our hot water heater experts! (more…)

Types of Storm Drains for Your Sacramento Property

Monday, April 6th, 2015

We’ve had a tough time in the last few years with a lack of rain during the winter months, and this year we’ve come the closest to our usual annual average. While we can’t create the rain we need, you can, as a homeowner, make sure the rain water that falls on your property is drained properly so that it ends up where it should, and isn’t full of unnecessary debris when it does arrive at its destination. How? By having good, well-installed storm drains on your property. There are a number of types of drains you can use on your property, and installing the right combination of drains can help you correctly move rain water away from your home and into your town’s drainage system. The trained experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air can design and install a drainage system for your property, so call us today.

Storm Drain Types

Here are the basic types of residential storm drain options available for homeowners:

  • Foundation drains/French drains – the purpose of a foundation or French drain is to divert water from your home’s foundation and re-distribute it to your lawn in a gradual way. Foundation drains consist of a perforated drainpipe that is placed in a small trench lined with fabric and gravel; once the pipe is placed into the trench, it is covered with additional gravel. When it rains, the water is dispersed through the gravel to the surrounding ground.
  • Roof drain pipe – a roof drain pipe is a pipe that connects directly to the gutters or piping that runs along the edge of your roof. A roof drain pipe typically runs the height of your home and drains directly into your town’s storm drain or other outlet.
  • Gutter system – gutters capture and move water running down your roof to a drain pipe or water collector.
  • Yard inlets – yard inlets are small round or rectangular grills with attached containers that help block debris from moving with the draining water; they can also capture the water and help divert it toward the main storm drain.
  • Trench drains – trench drains are used for areas like driveways so that water flowing over a large area can be captured and directed to the main storm drain.
  • Drywell – a drywell is an in-ground well that remains dry unless there is excess water present on your property. The drywell serves as a runoff point and is not connected to the main storm drain system. The water that fills a drywell passes to the surrounding ground through a fabric filter after flowing over gravel placed in the bottom of the well.

Have concerns about your storm water drainage in Sacramento? Call the experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air today!

3 Reasons Hydro Jetting Is Great for Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Friday, April 3rd, 2015

Clogged drainpipes and sewer lines are a frequent problem for residential plumbing. You have almost certainly dealt with them before—and probably don’t ever want to deal with them again. Although we can’t offer you a solution that will forever do away with drain clogs, our team at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air can provide you with a drain and sewer cleaning method that can reduce these problems to a minimum: hydro-jetting.

Hydro-jetting is a drain cleaning method that uses water placed under high pressure (7800 psi or more) to scour the inside of sewer lines and drainpipes. Here are three reasons that you should consider hydro jetting in Sacramento, CA for your next drain or sewer cleaning:

1. It is Extremely Effective

There are few drain and sewer cleaning methods that do a more thorough job than hydro-jetting. The powerful blasting from the high-pressure water will not only smash through the most obdurate of all clogs, but it provides a complete scouring of the pipelines that removed everything from fat and grease build-up to heavy mineral deposits from hard water. The water also blasts out in multiple directions, covering the widest area possible inside the drainpipe. You won’t get this level of cleaning from a drain auger or store-bought chemicals.

2. It Helps Prevent Future Plumbing Problems

Cleaning methods like drain snakes can work very well at breaking apart clogs, but they won’t remove every bit of debris clinging to the sides of the pipes. Whatever remains will start to catch other debris, and soon lead to clogging issues once more. But hydro-jetting so thoroughly scours away the contaminants inside drainpipes and sewer lines that clogs have a hard time starting again. Regular hydro-jetting services mean far fewer plumbing troubles in the future.

3. It is Safe for You and Your Pipes

…or, it is as long as you have a professional handle it. Unlike caustic chemical cleaning processes, hydro-jetting will not damage the pipes with corrosive action, nor will it leave behind any toxic fumes or chemicals. Just make sure that you aren’t the one holding the hydro-jetter! The job requires special training and protective gear.

To find out more about our services for hydro jetting in Sacramento, CA, call Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air today. We offer many other drain and sewer service in the area that will keep your plumbing healthy.