Sacramento, CA Ductless Heating Services by Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air

Do you want to improve the indoor air quality of your home during the winter? Are you interested in saving money on your monthly heating bill? Do you live in a home where ducts can’t be installed? As a leading provider of heating solutions in the area, we take pride in our ability to provide a wide range of solutions. Ductless mini splits are gaining momentum as a viable alternative to conventional systems that require an extensive network of ducts throughout the home. Our ductless heating services include everything from the installation of new products to the replacement of old ones, including repair and maintenance.

Let our trained and qualified technicians take care of your ductless heating service so that you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time. We use only high quality equipment and materials and we can make sure that your system is handled carefully at all times. We understand that having a reliable and powerful heater installed in your home is critical, which is why we spare no effort at making sure that this is the case. Whether you need a new ductless heating system installed or you find that your existing system is not working just as it should, then let us know. Call today for all of your ductless heating needs in Sacramento, CA.

Would you like to install or service a ductless heating system? Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air provides ductless heating services in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.

What is Ductless Heating?

Whether or not you have heard of ductless heating, you may be wondering what it is exactly. How can a system heat the entire home without ducts? In most respects, ductless heating works just like a heat pump. There are indoor and outdoor units connected by a line of refrigerant, whose purpose is to absorb thermal energy from the outdoor air and use it to heat your indoor air.

The crucial difference, of course, is that a ductless heating system does not use a centralized indoor air handler. Thus, instead of using ducts to transport to and from this air handler, it uses multiple indoor air handlers that are installed directly within the living space. These are compact and stylish units that hang on the wall or suspend from the ceiling. Ductless heating systems are also cooling systems, just like heat pumps.

The Benefits of Ductless Heating Systems

The benefits of going ductless are clear. Because you avoid the various energy loss issues associated with ductwork (no matter how well sealed), you will enjoy a significant boost to your home’s overall energy efficiency during the winter. Moreover, while ducts can be havens for the accumulation of dust, dander and other debris, ductless heating systems avoid this entirely so that there’s nothing to get between you and your warmth and comfort. However, all of these benefits are impossible without hiring a professional to take care of your system from day one. We install, replace, repair and maintain ductless heating systems throughout the Sacramento, CA area. Let us do the same for you. Call today.