Sacramento, CA Air Purifier Services by Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air

Does your indoor air smell foul? Is it overly stuffy and you can’t figure out why? Have your allergies never been more out of control? When it comes to taking care of your indoor air quality, there are no shortcuts. Either you take action to eliminate allergenic particles and other debris or you give them free–reign to affect you and your family. It’s not without good reason that the Environmental Protection Agency lists poor indoor air quality as one of the top problems affecting homes throughout the country. Fortunately, if you use ductwork for your heating and cooling, there is a number of ways you can improve your indoor air; an air purifier is one of the best.

The air purifier works efficiently and thoroughly to clean your indoor air. It integrates directly within your HVAC system and is therefore much different than just an ordinary portable unit that you can pick up at any hardware store. We install, replace, repair and maintain quality air purifiers throughout the Sacramento, CA area, so let us do the same for you. Indoor air quality issues can be a real hassle, but we can help you get on the right path towards a healthy and allergen–free domestic life. No issue is too small or large for our team of qualified and courteous technicians who spare no effort at making sure that our customers are comfortable.

Are you thinking about installing an air purifier? Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air provides air purifier services in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas.

How an Air Purifier Works

It’s not hard to imagine how an air filter works. Dirty air passes through a filter; filter captures particles; air is now clean. But an air purifier works a bit differently. Instead of a filtering medium such as fiberglass, it uses an electro–static charge that causes noxious particles to adhere to a collector plate or cell within the device so that they are removed from the air. One advantage of this method of air cleaning is that your air is purified without any airflow blockage that could drive up the cost of heating and cooling your space. We know that efficiency is important to you, so let us find an air purifier that works properly for your home.

The Whole House Air Purifier Difference

A whole house air purifier has a number of benefits, and it surpasses portable units in most respects. One of the chief advantages of any whole house approach to air cleaning is that such devices require very little to no maintenance. They just work whenever you run your heating and cooling system. They also clean your entire indoor air supply, making them far more effective than any other approach to improving indoor air quality.

The Importance of Professional Air Purifier Installation and Other Services

You simply cannot expect your new air purifier to function properly unless it is professionally installed and serviced. From system selection to its integration into your heating and cooling, you can count on the team at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air. We use only high quality air purifiers and UV air purifiers from leading names in the industry, and we make sure that your entire system is handled carefully at all times.

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