Heat Recovery Ventilators in Sacramento, CA by Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air

We may have an arid climate here in Sacramento, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get chilly during the winter months. It isn’t unusual to see temperatures dip down into the 30s during our winter nights, and when this happens, maintaining your heat is a priority. However, it’s important that in the pursuit of being energy efficient, you don’t shortchange your home in other areas, particularly good ventilation. This is where the indoor air quality experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air can help.

A great way to maintain and even improve your energy efficiency while also improving your home’s ventilation during the winter months is with a heat recovery ventilator. This device, similar to an energy recovery ventilator, allows you to use the thermal energy from your stale indoor air to pre–treat incoming cold air during the winter so that you have a stream of continuous fresh air coming into your home. Already have an HRV? Then you’ll want to have immediate access to professionals who can repair, maintain or replace your HRV when needed. The benefits of an HRV can be significant, but only if the device performs as needed; let our experts ensure that you’ll get the performance you need from your HRV in Sacramento, CA.

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How Is an HRV System Different from an ERV System?

ERV and HRV systems are similar, but there are two key differences: first, an HRV is designed specifically for heating, so it can’t be used with cooling, as an ERV can; second, an HRV doesn’t help control humidity the way an ERV can, so you may still need to balance the humidity in your home when you choose to install an HRV. This can be easily done with the help of one of our trained experts.

What Are the Benefits of a Heat Recovery Ventilator?

There are a number of benefits you can gain when you have a HRV professionally installed. The first is a continuous stream of pre–filtered fresh air, so you never have to worry about ventilation issues with your home, as long as your HRV is functioning properly. Second, you’ll help improve the energy efficiency of your home heating system. An HRV pre–warms the incoming air before it enters your HVAC system, reducing the amount of work your heater has to do to achieve your set temperature. Third, you may even be able to extend the life of your heating system. An HRV reduces the amount of stress your system operates under by pre–treating the air, and this helps reduce wear and tear and premature aging. With all of these benefits, it is extremely worthwhile to keep your HRV running optimally with annual maintenance and getting repairs as needed, both tasks the specialists at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air can handle with ease. Interested in seeing what an HRV can do for your home? Call us today and schedule an installation appointment with one of our experts.

We Install, Maintain, Repair and Replace HRV Systems in Sacramento, CA

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