Are There Things I Can Do to Help Maintain My Garbage Disposal?
Are There Things I Can Do to Help Maintain My Garbage Disposal?

July 06, 2015


Garbage disposals are great for reducing food waste in your home. But for as tough as they may seem, it can be fairly easy to get off track with them if you aren’t careful. We are asked a lot about what steps homeowners can take to help keep their garbage disposals in good shape. While it’s never recommended that your try and work on your garbage disposal yourself – keep those fingers out of the drain! – there are a few things you can do regularly to help maintain your disposal:

  • Run cold water before and after usage – water is a great lubricant for your garbage disposal. Running cold water for 10-20 seconds before and after usage helps get your disposal ready to work and then helps wash down small particles after use. It’s important that the water is cold so that nothing clings.

  • Chop up ice cubes once a month – ice cubes are great for scouring the inside of your garbage disposal. Once a month, put 3-4 cubes into your disposal and let it spin. The ice cubes will scour the sides as they are pulverized.

  • Never put FOG down your drain – FOG – fats, oil and grease, are terrible for any drain, with or without a garbage disposal unit. This is because FOG clings and clogs, and it will attach to your disposal blades and congeal, forming a thick, viscous paste that will affect the disposal’s operation.

  • Do not dispose of “expandable” foods – certain foods like rice and pasta are like sponges when they come into contact with water: they expand. These kinds of foods will expand in your disposal, eventually making it hard for the blades to turn.

Let these tips help you keep your disposal in good working order, but remember that the experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air are here to help you with all of your garbage disposal needs in Sacramento, CA.