Do I Have a Slab Leak?
Do I Have a Slab Leak?

June 15, 2015


More than half of all homes in the US are built upon concrete slabs, making slab foundations the leading type of home foundations. To make the best use of slabs, many contractors will run plumbing pipes through the slab as its being poured. This helps protect the pipes and secure them. However, it is possible for these pipes to develop leaks, and when that happens to a piped encased in concrete, you’ve got a tough leak on your hands – but not when you call experts to help, like the ones at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air. Our plumbing professionals specialize in locating and repairing slab leaks, and we do our best to make the repair as non-invasive as possible. Not sure if you have a slab leak? Here are some signs that can indicate you may have one:

  • Significant drop in water pressure – if the leak is large enough, it will affect your water’s pressure. This is best discovered if you find that all the faucets in your home, including in the bathtub and showerhead, are displaying very low water pressure.

  • Significant increase in water bill – leaks waste hundreds of gallons of water. If you have started to receive very high water bills but haven’t changed your overall water usage, it is likely you have a leak somewhere in your system and your slab should be checked.

  • Constant sounds of dripping or running water – are you hearing the sound of running water or dripping, but can’t seem to locate where it’s coming from? This can be indicative of a leak in your slab.

  • Large development of mold or mildew in a specific area – mold and mildew love to grow in dark, moist areas. A sudden flourishing of mold and/or mildew can indicate that new moisture is present and feeding the new growth.

Detecting and properly repairing a slab leak requires specialized skills, training and tools, all of which your Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air plumber will have. If you are seeing the signs of a potential slab leak in your Sacramento, CA, home, call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our experts.