Does Your Commercial Property Have Problems with Excessive Dryness?
Does Your Commercial Property Have Problems with Excessive Dryness?

June 01, 2015


When most people think about humidity problems, it’s usually in regard to excessive humidity. But in our part of the world, we tend to the see the opposite, with too little humidity. Just as excessive humidity can cause problems, so, too, can inadequate humidity, and if the lack of moisture in your commercial space affects your business, you could have serious problems to deal with. There is a solution for low humidity, however: a commercial humidifier. The commercial indoor air quality experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air can help you install, repair, maintain or replace your commercial humidifier – just give us a call and our staff will schedule you an appointment right away.

Problems from Low Humidity

So what kinds of issues can develop when your commercial space doesn’t have enough humidity? First, you and your employees’ health can be affected. When there isn’t enough moisture in the indoor air, mucous membranes can dry out, lowering immune responses. Also, throats can become sore and skin can become excessively dry. Low humidity also affects products. Not having enough moisture has a drying effect, especially on wood products, so if your business has wood products or sells them, you may see splintering or cracking of these items. Lastly, it will be hard to maintain the right temperature in your commercial space because humidity holds heat. Both cooling and heating will feel uncomfortable without the right level of moisture.

How Does a Commercial Humidifier Help?

A commercial dehumidifier is installed directly into your commercial HVAC system, integrating with it so that it works automatically with the system and its cycles (it can also work outside of your HVAC system). The humidifier adds moisture to the air in a mist form, in coordination with the humidity level set on your humidistat. This added moisture circulates into your business’s air flow, improving the level of humidity throughout the space.

If you are seeing the signs that you may have a lack of humidity in your commercial space in Sacramento, CA, call the commercial indoor air quality specialists at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air today .