Ductless Heating: How Does It Work?
Ductless Heating: How Does It Work?

March 04, 2015


Some older homes do not have space in them for ductwork installation. Newer homes are often designed without ductwork in order to free up space and allow for greater design options. In these situations, the homes can still receive central heating from a forced-air heater using a ductless mini split heat pump. These ductless heating systems are effective and energy efficient, and professionals can install them in a short time for any home that might benefit from them.

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How ductless heating operates

Ductless heating systems are types of heat pumps, which means they will also provide cooling during the summer. But unlike the standard heat pump that has an indoor unit connected to a network of ducts, a ductless system uses multiple smaller indoor blower units that are placed in different rooms of the house. These air handler units are usually mounted high on the wall, and each one contains a fan and a refrigerant coil. The units have power and refrigerant lines that go through holes in the walls behind them and connect to the single outdoor unit.

When the heat pump is set in heating mode, the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the air and moves it to the coils in the indoor air handlers, where the heat is released and the fans blow the warmed air directly into the rooms, without needing to use any ducts.

Aside from their space-saving properties, ductless heating systems have some other advantages. They offer zone control, since each air handler can be manipulated separately from the other. They help with indoor air quality because they do not pick up dust and dirt from inside ductwork. And they work with high energy efficiency because they will not lose heat through the walls of ducts.

Ductless mini split heat pumps are not suitable for all homes. Houses that already have a ventilation network of ducts will probably be better served with a standard heat pump. But if you are remodeling, planning an add-on room, building a new home, or simply don’t have any space in your current home for ductwork, you should give ductless heating and cooling serious consideration for your next installment.

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