Is Your Air Conditioner Being Sluggish? Then Consider Scheduling a Maintenance Appointment
Is Your Air Conditioner Being Sluggish? Then Consider Scheduling a Maintenance Appointment

July 13, 2015


As we hit the middle of summer, odds are your air conditioning system in Sacramento, CA, has been running for a while. Have you noticed that its performance isn’t as good as normal, even though nothing appears to be wrong with the system? Consider scheduling maintenance with your Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air specialist, especially if you weren’t able to schedule maintenance this past spring.

How Can Maintenance Help?

Maintenance for your air conditioning system is also known as a full tune-up. This is because the entire unit is inspected for potential problems and cleaned, and all moving parts are lubricated: if they’ve moved, they are adjusted. In addition to these tasks, there are a number of system checks executed, such as checking refrigerant levels, and performance testing is also conducted to ensure your system works optimally.

Are the Benefits Only Immediate or Long-Term?

The benefits you can gain from having your air conditioner professionally maintained are both short-and long-term. What kinds of benefits are we talking about? Consider the following:

  • Better energy efficiency – when your air conditioner has to run with dirt, dust, and wear and tear from past seasons, it can directly affect your system’s energy efficiency. The cleaning, adjusting and lubrication that occurs during a maintenance appointment removes these things, allowing your system to run at its highest efficiency level.

  • Better comfort – when your system is finely-tuned, it won’t have any problems achieving your set temperature.

  • Longer life – a system that is kept in good working order year after year will last longer than one burdened by excessive wear and tear.

Helps prevent repairs/reduces the incidence of repair – the inspection your technician conducts allows him/her to detect any existing or developing problems and get a handle on those issues before they can blossom.