Looking for Some Tips to Save on Your Cooling This Summer?
Looking for Some Tips to Save on Your Cooling This Summer?

June 29, 2015


It’s officially summer, which means the weather is just going to keep getting hotter. Odds are, you’ve already turned on your AC in Sacramento, CA, and may have already gotten your first utility bill with your air conditioning usage on it. If you’ve been looking for simple ways to help save on your home’s cooling costs, the experts at Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air have a few simple suggestions for you:

  • Follow the temperature-settting guideline – it’s recommended that you set your air conditioning at no lower than 78 degrees when you are at home. You can raise this temperature another 8-10 degrees when your home isn’t occupied. Every degree higher you set your thermostat can save you up to 3% on your annual cooling costs.

  • Use drapes and shades to block sun – homes can gain up to an additional ten degrees from daytime heat gain, an added amount of heat your air conditioner will have to remove. By hanging long drapes or using blinds, you can block this excess sunlight from adding extra heat to your home.

  • Use ceiling fans – ceiling fans not only help circulate your conditioned air, they help cool your indoor air another 2-3 degrees. This enables you to set your AC a little higher than normal, which helps save energy.

  • Programmable thermostat – using a programmable thermostat gives you the power to create a program for your cooling so that you can power down your AC during times of no occupancy and power it up when people are home. Simply set the program and let your thermostat do the rest of the work!

  • Annual maintenance – annual maintenance allows your air conditioner to work optimally; this helps your AC achieve better energy efficiency, better performance and increase comfort levels.

  • Change air filter – dirty air filters can do a number on your air conditioning system. By changing it every 3 months, you can stay ahead of these problems and keep the air flow in your system moving as it should.

If you need any help with your air conditioning system, such as repair or maintenance, call us today and schedule an appointment! .