Seeing Leaks from Your AC? Time to Check the Condensate Array
Seeing Leaks from Your AC? Time to Check the Condensate Array

August 10, 2015


At this time of year, your air conditioner is removing a lot of humidity to help cool your home. This means your condensate array is being used fairly heavily, helping to remove this water from your home and system. However, if your air conditioning system hasn’t been maintained in a while, you may have some problems with your condensate array that can lead to leaking and water damage. First, let’s take a look at what the condensate array is and does.

The Condensate Array

When your AC removes moisture from your indoor air, it takes the form of water. It’s important to funnel this water out of your AC system and away from your home, and that’s the job of the condensate array. The array consists of two components:

  • The condensate tray (also known as the condensate pan)

  • The condensate drain line

The way the array works is simple: as water drips through your evaporator coils, it collects in the tray. The tray is slanted downward so that the water runs directly into the drain line, which is connected to the tray. The drain line funnels the water to your sewer or septic line for removal.

Potential Problems

The components of the condensate array aren’t the most mechanical, but they can develop problems. Here are the most common ones:

  • Tray develops holes and/or cracks – trays can erode and breakdown over time. If your tray has holes or cracks, the water dripping into it from the coils will run right to your floor.

  • Tray has shifted – the tray is connected to the condensate drain line; if something has caused the tray to shift, the drain line and tray can become disconnected, and the water running out of the tray won’t reach the drain line.

  • Drain line is clogged – it isn’t unusual for debris to get inside the condensate line and clog it, or for algae or mold to grow inside the line and cause clogging.

A malfunctioning condensate array can cause quite a bit of water damage.

If you are seeing leaks coming from your AC system in Folsom, CA, call Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air right away and schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair.