Why You Should Consider a Tankless Water Heater
Why You Should Consider a Tankless Water Heater

November 07, 2014


For the majority of homeowners in America, the thought of a water heater conjures up an image of a large, cylindrical tank that heats and stores an ample amount of hot water for use throughout the home. But your new water heater options are no longer restricted to this convention. The rise of the tankless water heater in the residential market allows you to take a different route when it comes to heating your water, one that is potentially much more energy efficient, and one that supplies a virtually endless stream of hot water to the various appliances in your home.

A conventional tank water heater works by means of a heat exchanger fueled by natural gas or electricity that sits at the bottom of a large tank, and that continues to heat your water until the tank is filled. There are various other components that make up your system, but that’s the basic picture. A tankless water heater foregoes the use of a large cylindrical tank entirely. Instead of a heat exchanger that heats your hot water and stores it immediately, it only begins to heat your water when you call for it. It’s an “on-demand” water heater that uses a high-efficiency heat exchanger to instantly provide the much-needed amenity throughout your plumbing system.

Standby energy loss is the phrase used to describe one of the drawbacks of a tank water heater, which occurs when thermal energy is lost from the water in your tank. No matter how well insulated your tank is, this remains an issue for most systems. It’s simply inevitable that your hot water will need to be continually reheated to ensure it complies with your temperature requirements. A tankless water heater avoids this entirely, which is the primary reason these systems are rated so highly when it comes to energy efficiency.

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