Why Your Sewer Line May Sustain Damage
Why Your Sewer Line May Sustain Damage

March 11, 2015


Because the sewer line that connects your home’s drains with the municipal sewer system runs under the ground and out of your sight, it is very easy to take for granted that it will always continue to serve its important function. Sewer lines are constructed for durability, and most should last for many decades without encountering troubles.

However, a sewer line can become damaged and require either repairs or, in some cases, a full replacement. If you have doubts about the integrity of your home’s sewer line, call Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air and our experienced plumbers will inspect the pipeline and see if it needs additional work. We offer services for pipeline inspection in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas, as well as sewer repair and replacement.

How sewer lines can become damaged

  • Root infiltration: One of the most common ways that the sewer line can sustain damage is the growth of trees roots that will put pressure on the pipe and infiltrate through the joints. Tree roots are naturally drawn toward the water and nutrients inside sewer pipes, and if trees are planted too near to the sewer line, it can end up causing damage or blockage.
  • Corrosion due to age: If you live in an older home built pre-1970, you may have a sewer line made from galvanized steel. (If your home was built pre-World War II, you almost certainly have a steel sewer line.) Although steel is durable and tough, it is also prone to corrosion, something that is not an issue with the copper used to make sewer pipes today. It’s a wise idea to have an old steel pipe replaced before it begins to corrode and develop large leaks and gaps.
  • Earthquakes: Natural disasters often inflict damage on long lengths of pipes, and in Southern California our main concern is earthquakes. You should contact professionals for pipeline inspection after a large earthquake to make sure that the sewer line hasn’t suffered from breaks.

Bronco Plumbing Heating and Air has served the greater Sacramento, CA with pipeline inspection work for more than 8 years. Our team of plumbers is experienced with a wide range of repair work for sewer lines, as well as thorough sewer line cleaning using hydro-jetting. If you have any concerns about the condition of your sewer line, give us a call today.